Marina Kleter – fitness trainer, provides individual training on her own technique.

Personal trainer will motivate you, help clearly define the purpose, make an individual training program and nutrition, in which the training will be most effective and useful.

Marina – VIP fitness instructor has developed her own methodology that combines the power training program and Pilates. Such a “sports drink” allow to feel a lot of energy, charge, confidence and optimism. If You try it you will start the right path to harmony and health in your body, love yourself and you will move decisively towards the goal.


Academy “Planet Fitness”
SFC training center Sophia
(Study / Fitness / Consalting)
Academi Power Plate France

Qualification: certified Pilates trainer, HIIT (Hight Intensive Interval Traine) Instructor Power Plate

Spend Pilates, Pilates barre exercises to develop balance and breathing, grace and plastic materials, and recovery of the organism as a whole.
HIIT-intensive and sylovye weight classes to reset and improve the silhouette.

Uchasnitsa Pole Dance Championship in the category of “Exotic”
“The Best School of Pole Dance 2015”

I visit and spend masster classes, acquire new knowledge and strive for continuous growth in favorite business.


Do not become an office real estate!

Feel better and easier, just after a few training.

At any time, any place convenient for you. At home, office, studio, in the hall ….
I arrange training for You!

Specially for you individual training program is arranged, taking into consideration the restrictions on health and level of preparedness. Special power complex in combination with different sports areas gives the right to call a sports scenario. So, Your script is in your hands, and I’ll help you make it wisely.


1 Single Pilates Session-35 

1 Duet Pilates Session- 50 

5 Single Pilates Session- 150 

5 Duet Pilates Session – 250  

 10 Single Pilates Session- 250 
10 Duet Pilates Session- 400  



or mkleter@gmail.com
Sincerely, Marina Kleter


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