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Pilates Power ~ Control ~ Breathing ~ Flexibility ~ Power ~ Balance

  • Control and accuracy are related to mind and body, breathing and concentration. When you are focused on the movements, it is much better. Through breathing we control the mind and body, concentration is mind control. The strength that comes from the “Cora” center (the abs) helps to focus on doing the exercises better. The goal of Pilates is to develop flexibility and strength without excessive muscle overload. You get a healthy body. Balanced Many of us develop an imbalance without attaching importance to it. We do not control the movements of our body, this causes an imbalance. The goal of Pilates is to develop body balance through special exercises, with some repetitive exercises on the same side to strengthen it. This is why you need a personal trainer who will choose suitable courses based on your needs. Pilates offers new sensations to your body, strengthens your back and your self-esteem, develops your attention. After 10 lessons you will feel a new body! Your trainer Marina Kleter
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