Marina Kleter

Floor Danse


I help you to be successful and have favorable results in your personal training, in order to be in better shape in your life.

The advantages of Lady’s courses Dance✨
Like any other dance trend, brings a lot of benefits. By participating regularly in training, you will:

Become more confident and feminine ;
✅ Acquire excellent dance skills;
✅ Get rid of your excess weight and adopt a slimmer silhouette, because during training, all muscle groups are called upon ;
✅ Improve posture and stretching, because they are the focus of attention;
✅ Develop your artistic sense, learn to express your emotions through body movements, eye movements and facial expressions ;
☯️ Find harmony with yourself and your body.


I guarantee you:

  • Increase your immunity without vitamins
  • Be stronger, tone, flexibility
  • Stay in a good mood in all circumstances
  • Be safe with my exercises, I will accompany you
  • You do not need any specific material

I suggest:

  • Pilates
  • Barre au sol
  • Muscle stretching,
  • Cardio, HIIT
  • Coordination, balance
  • Yoga
  • Stretching
  • Lady Dance

And in conclusion: endurance, strength, flexibility, balance, knowledge of your body, good humor, increase in the quality of your professional and personal life.

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