Marina Kleter


Marina Kleter – Since early childhood she has been involved in rhythmic and athletic gymnastics. Received several certificates in Ukraine and France.

She has been working for 9 years as a sports coach in Kiev and manages her home coaching agency with collaboration with other specialists in the field of wellness. She has been living in Aix-en-Provence for 4 years. She loves the landscapes, nature and climate of Aix en Provence, she loves this region. The discovery of this beautiful region which is located in the south of France gave an inspiration for the creation of his new training project with his own method.

Marina Kleter – fitness trainer, provides individual training on her own technique.

Personal trainer will motivate you, help clearly define the purpose, make an individual training program and nutrition, in which the training will be most effective and useful.

Marina – VIP fitness instructor has developed her own methodology that combines the power training program and Pilates. Such a “sports drink” allow to feel a lot of energy, charge, confidence and optimism. If You try it you will start the right path to harmony and health in your body, love yourself and you will move decisively towards the goal.



Certified Pilates Mat Work trainer, HIIT, Power Plate, Lady dance.

 Pilates, Pilates barre exercises to develop balance and breathing, grace and plastic materials, and recovery of the organism as a whole.
HIIT-intensive and weight classes to reset and improve the silhouette.

Pole Dance Championship in the category of “Exotic” “The Best School of Pole Dance 2015”
I visit and spend master classes, acquire new knowledge and strive for continuous growth in favorite business.


For 8 years she worked as a sports coach in Kiev and ran a personal trainer service agency, together with other health professionals. She has lived in Aix-en-Provence for 4 years. She is in love with the landscapes, nature and climate of this region. This inspires her to create a new tutorial project using her own method:

“Made with sensuality” – a combination of Pilates, intense training, back strengthening, stretching and building plastics.

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Yoga is a way to evacuate stress and anxiety. Breathing, flexibility, toning, it is a practice with many benefits and allows to let go to be more zen. By working on all the muscles of the body, they lengthen, relax and the silhouette is toned. Marina-your trainer sets up her own program to ensure the effectiveness of your yoga class and your well-being

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