Marina Kleter


Provence is a fabulous town in the south of France.

Provence is an area in the southeast of France, bordering Italy and washed by the Mediterranean Sea. The area is renowned for its varied landscape: the Southern Alps, the Camargue plain, hilly vineyards, olive groves, pine forests and lavender fields are located on its territory.
In Provence we find unique attractions that attract tourists from all over the world. Cote d’Azur, calanques, Camargue.
This region is full of history. Today, we find remnants of the Middle Ages just walking the streets. Antique theater in Arles, papal palace in Avignon, cathedrals in Aix and Marseille. This is the fiefdom of artists, musicians and artists. Cezanne, Van Gogh in Saint-Remy, Emile Zola lived here. Avignon hosts an annual theater festival and Aix Provence music festivals.
Ancient architecture, castles, lavender fields, winemaking. Favorable climate all year round , sea and mountains, beautiful landscapes, cypresses and cicadas (an insect that makes a strange sound, listen in this video they chirp louder than music :)) – it’s all Provence.

My offer is for everyone who wants to see, enjoy and be enriched with impressions about this most beautiful piece of the world.

I have visited the most beautiful places in Provence and therefore will be happy to share my experience.

First day

I recommend visiting the Cézanne home where the artist lived and worked. (

Granet Museum (

Hotel de Caumont center d’art (

Take a walk through the streets to enjoy the architecture, and visit the Wendome Pavilion.(

Second day.

Drive to Marseille. Very comfortably. By bus 20 minutes from Provence. This summer in Marseille the Picasso exhibition and I recommend you to visit it. We can also go directly to the beach.

The third day.

Luberon. This is a very beautiful village and a must see, especially in July. We will go to the famous lavender fields, it will be an unforgettable experience.

Fourth day.

Avignon. To feel the spirit of the Middle Ages.
Avignon is a city in the southeast of France, lying on the banks of the Rhone River. The city was the seat of the popes from 1309 to 1377 and remained under their rule until 1791, when it became part of France. These times are reminiscent of the huge Papal Palace in the center of the city, surrounded by medieval fortress walls.

Fifth day,

Sixth day

Cassis. Or Carry or those who want to pay attention to the figure in parallel
I offer dance classes, pilates, cardio workouts. Classes will be held in the city center 5 minutes from the hotel. Exercise will help you to be in good shape, in good shape. Believe me, this is important, you need to be full of energy, as exciting journeys await you throughout the week.
We will choose the right time for classes. This will become a habit in your daily life. This is effective and you will see this when you come home. I suggest you stay in an amazing hotel in the city center
Dates: May 1-7; 8-13; June 24-29
August and September are more places, as the main load is at the end of June and July.
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